Anthroportrait by ONDREY ZINTAER

 "Of course, the result is quite a result of various coincidences.

But that's how it goes."

- Ondrey Zintaer

Experimental musician. Author of poetry. Parent. A friend. And much more.. But at the same time a person like each one of us. This comes to my mind under the pseudonym Ondrey Zintaer.

I have been perceiving this (in my opinion) capacity on the scene for a long time. As I mentioned above, whether as a poet or a musician. I can proudly boast that we are in some kind of contact and that I managed to get my hands on the tape of this act, which this article will be about. If we can call it that..
But let's get down to what's at stake here.

Anthroportrait contains 13 songs. There is about a minute left before it will be a full hour. Which, let's face it, is quite a decent length. And no, it's not like his early work focused on harsh noise.

It will be unnecessary to write the names and lengths of the songs, because you can find it yourself via his bandcamp. (Link below.)

Artists who helped him with some compositions. About which I probably don't need to write much. They are quite decent names that know what they are doing and could not have been chosen better for the overall mosaic. I recommend listening to their solo stuff as well.

What about the lyrics? Also an interesting thing. Many times I don't solve the lyrics of the songs.
I take the lyrics like a cake. Cake with fruit on top. And you can eat it without it, right?
So logically, the first hearing of this act was without the perception of the lyrics, which of course have their own meaning. But over time I listened to them more and more and thought. And now, I can't even imagine this piece without them.

Even after so many listens, I can't process the overall impression of the album. I think it's good to listen it alone when you're in such a "deep mode". Just like me when I drink coffee alone while packing and smoking a cig and thinking about my existence. There is a lot that may not make sense to someone, but in the overall concept, if you think about it and listen carefully, it all fits together perfectly like lego.

The overall impression is that it is, at least for me, a strong work. Some passages shook me, I had chills, I was surprised or disgusted. But in a good way, of course. But that will be because I'm probably experiencing it too emotionally.

This year has barely started, but the bar is already set pretty high. As for our domestic scene.

Keep an open mind and don't be afraid of something new.

"I am happy that I made it to such an end.
That finishing was very difficult."
- Ondrey Zintaer

Released February 10, 2023 on Ondrey’s Bandcamp and some tapes.


Organ by Paolo Tognola
Mastering by Fabano Pimenta
Tape design by Dee X Gee

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